Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Core

Baby’s core strength is so importance to their overall development. The core provides stability to the whole body. The core helps baby to roll, sit, crawl, and walk. A strong core lets baby use their arms and legs more purposefully. As baby grows, having more stability allows them to move, play, and explore. A strong core is essential for meeting milestones.

How can you help baby strengthen their core?
Tummy Time is a great core exercise for 0-6 month babies. From turning their head at 1 month to pivoting in a circle at 6 months, core helps it all! Start baby off with a few minutes at a time. Try different positions if baby is having trouble on the floor. But by 3 months, you want baby to be mostly doing Tummy Time on the floor. Floor Tummy Time is when baby gets the best chance to strengthen that core!

A strong core means a strong baby!

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