Effective Discipline : 10 Tips for Parents

Disciplining children is essential to parenting. Even though it is often equated with punishments, effective discipline involves training children to gain self control and develop character. Studies on the brain have shown that people learn effectively when they feel secure and connected to others, in a safe environment. Positive discipline aims to teach children by first establishing a safe and secure relationship with them. In order for discipline to be effective in the long run, connection must come before correction. Parents must make sure that the discipline methods used do not damage the child’s attachment to them. It is also important to prioritize long term goals over immediate compliance in parenting. Asha discusses 10 ways to achieve effective discipline in this positive parenting video.
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Asha is currently a researcher in the field of Positive Organizational Behaviour. She has a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. After working as a business analyst for a few years, it is her passion for teaching that motivated her to qualify for Junior Research Fellowship and pursue PhD.

Dr. Mary Matilda is the former Principal of Maharajas College Ernakulam. She is a well known motivational speaker, corporate trainer & life skills/soft skills coach. She has Master’s degrees in Mathematics (MSc & M.Phil), Education (M.Ed), Business Administration and Management (MBA), Women Studies (MWS), Applied Psychology (M.Sc), and Ph.D. in women’s studies. She is also a Graduate in Law (LLB)
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