What are the best foods for pregnant mother with twins?

Pregnant itself is a very happy moment and it needs nutrition. Earlier it was said that it nutrition for two. But if you are having twin pregnancy that means you have to take even better nutrition to nourish both your babies well. So you have to take enough protein. So the regular requirement of the protein in 1 gram of protein per weight. With the pregnancy, you need even more. So one in half gram to two grams of protein for the babies development because protein is the tissue generating block, or building block of the body and of course more calcium for the bone. Instead of one baby, now you have to eat calcium for two babies. So you need added amount of calcium as well and al the other vitamins and minerals. All the fruits are very very rich in vitamins and minerals. So you have to eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables. Take healthy food like curd for keeping your digestive system in good shape and if it is home prepared fresh curd, then it is very good. Dry fruits, maybe some one or two handful of dry fruits or mixed dry fruits so that you get all the nutrients in proper proportion, lot of soups and butter milk and liquids to help whatever you eat, all the nutrients should be transported to all the cells and also to the babies. So you have to take lot of water also to hydrate your body. Well I give some supplements also because these days food alone is not sufficient seeing the need of the body. Person to person supplementation differs. Eat natural foods as much as possible and eat fibre rich foods to avoid constipation during pregnancy such as sprouts, vegetables, salads, fruit salads etc and avoid junk food, spicy food, oily food, fatty food and unhealthy food, sugary food like sugary drinks and all or beverages that are artificially made. Fizzy drinks, avoid all these foods and stay healthy.

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