Tips for First Trimester

Tips for First Trimester | First Trimester Pregnancy Care | Pregnancy Care in First 3 Month | Pregnancy

Congratulations! You`re expecting !

But before you start shopping for tiny clothes, let’s talk about the first trimester. Here’s what you need to know:

1. If you miss your periods, do a urine pregnancy test.

2. If it’s positive, visit your doctor

3. She might do a vaginal scan to see if the pregnancy is forming inside the uterus.

4. A mandatory vaginal scan at 7 weeks will confirm pregnancy viability.

5. Be prepared for blood tests like CBC, urine routine and culture, basic liver function, kidney function, thyroid, blood group, thalassemia screen and HIV, HbsAg, Anti Hep C, Syphilis.

6. Another scan between 12 to 13 weeks (NT/NB) scan to see for common genetic problems followed by double marker

Stay tuned for more updates on your pregnancy journey!

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