Should I have a home birth? The Risks and Benefits

What are the benefits of a home birth? And how risky is it? In this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy and Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, give you the answer!
First, they discuss the advantages of a home birth and they give answer to the question, why many women choose a home birth over a hospital delivery.
Next, they discuss the advantages of a hospital birth over a home birth. And they explain why some attempted home births end up in the hospital.
Then they discuss the disadvantages and, in particular, the risks of home births. And they provide infant mortality numbers in home births for the United States in order to give you an idea about the size of those risks.
Moreover, they mention the 3 factors that can increase the risks in a home birth.
Afterwards, they explain under which circumstances you are normally exposed to the lowest level of risks.
And finally, they explain in detail which steps you need to take if you want to have a home birth!

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