Pediatrician’s Top Tips For Sleep Training and Teaching Your Baby

We all need sleep, and this week, The Doctors Bjorkman, a board-certified pediatrician and board-certified OB/GYN, are diving into the world of sleep training as they review the literature about possible benefits and harms from these methods of helping babies learn to sleep. They also share HOW to actually accomplish this with the 6 Key Things you can do to help your baby learn to sleep through the night!

0:00 – Intro
2:09 – Newborn Sleep
3:08 – Before You Consider Sleep Training
4:53 – What is Sleep Learning/Sleep Training?
5:56 – Does Sleep Training Work?
9:06 – Limitations of Sleep Training Methods
10:16 – Additional Benefits of Sleep Learning
11:17 – (IRL) Emotional Prep
14:17 – Can Sleep Training Harm Your Baby?
17:07 – Negative Effects on Breastfeeding
17:54 – Nighttime Feedings
19:40 – (IRL) Nighttime Breastfeeding/Pumping
21:41 – Weaning Overnight Feeds
23:07 – 6 Key Steps to Sleep Learning
31:51 – (IRL) Our Own Experience with Sleep Learning!

1.) Daytime Nutrition
2.) Supportive Sleep Environment
3.) Have a Bedtime Routine
4.) Set Your Baby Down to Sleep
5.) Mid-Night Reassurances
6.) Be Consistent!

Also check out our video to learn about What a Pediatrician Wants You to Know about Baby Led Weaning:

Other books/resources we’ve read along the way:

TakingCaraBabies — Cara Dumaplin
Baby Sleep Solution — Suzy Giordano
Cribsheets — Emily Oster
Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems — Ferber
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child —Weissbluth
Happiest Baby on the Block — Harvey Karp, MD
And probably others I’m forgetting but those were the big hitters!!

Studies on sleep training mentioned in the video:

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