Parents Sided w Lying Sister Accusing My Husband Of A

My sister (f28), is the golden child. She could do nothing wrong with my family. She is very beautiful and she got away with everything, even stealing 3 of my boyfriends in the past.

I met my fiancé 5 years ago. I was in love with him immediately and I think so was he. That left me reluctant to introduce him to my family, and sister in particular, because he’s her type (rich and good looking). After a year of secretly dating him, I was running out of excuses to why he couldn’t meet my family. I literally thought, screw it! If she took him, better now than when I’ve invested more years on this dude.

She acted precisely as I expected. She was flirty from the get go, except this time my fiancé didn’t reciprocate and ignored her. One day my fiancé told me that he was receiving flirty texts from her, and even one pic of her in a bra. I confronted her and we had a row in mom’s kitchen. She went upstairs crying telling me that if she really wanted him, she would have him. My mom kicked me out and told me he’s more my sister’s age anyway.

Story 1:
I didn’t invite my parents to my wedding because they always took my sister’s side even when she falsely accused my fiancé of SA
Story 2:
TL;DR: I have had enough of my stepdaughter so I moved back to my parents with my son. I’m also 8w pregnant and I don’t know what to do

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