Parents’ Guide to Working Out with Baby

Can’t find the time to workout with a new baby? Try these exercises that also help you bond with baby.

Baby Curl Ups – Place baby sitting on your stomach. Smile when you curl up to them.

Overhead Press – Sit and lift baby above your head. Talk to them as you do it. Be sure baby has the head control to lift their head before doing this exercise.

Plank – Get into a high or low plank. Talk to baby as you hold this position.

Bench Press – Lay on your back and say “up” and “down” as you lift baby. Be sure baby has the head control to lift head before doing this exercise.

Lunges – As you lunge, keep baby close for some good snuggle time.

Squats – Hold baby outward as you squat so they get a new view.

Push Ups – Do regular or adjusted push ups. Give baby a kiss each time you go down.

Superman – Lift your arms and legs off the floor to get your own Tummy Time with baby!

Remember to only do as much as you can. If baby is fussy, give them a break and try again late. Time to get moving!

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