Newborn Baby Massage Tips

Today we are answering a very important question: Best tips for baby massage and a step by step guide.

Baby massage has a long list of health benefits for baby including strengthening the bond between you and baby. In this video let’s learn a step-by-step process of how to massage baby gently.

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Babies go through an incredible growth spurt during their first year. Their weight triples in size compared to their birth weight and their brain develops by 1% every day. All this growing up can be hectic for baby to do. And, the best way to help baby relax and unwind is with a good massage.

Regularly massaging baby has many benefits. It improves baby’s development, activates all their senses and helps baby and you bond better. It’s always best to make sure your baby is not hungry or sleepy before beginning a massage.

Begin baby’s massage by warming the oil between the palm of your hands. Gently massage outwards from the center of baby’s body. Start by massaging baby’s thighs and moving down towards the feet and baby’s tiny toes. And then, move on towards baby’s shoulders followed by his/her hands and fingers.

Now, massage baby’s chest and stomach gently in an outwards motion and most importantly don’t forget to enjoy and have fun with baby. Complete the massage by rolling baby over and massaging in an outwards motion from shoulder to hip. Continue to process for a while or until you feel that baby is enjoying it.

During a baby massage, is the best time for you and your baby to bond beautifully. Your mother’s touch will help baby grow stronger and be more relaxed and happier as they grow older.

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