Mothers First

In Texas, 53% of births are delivered by women on Medicaid. Those affected are more than a statistic. Hear one woman’s story as she recounts her experience of giving birth while on medical assistance.

After the long process of applying for Medicaid, Juanita Coleman was finally approved. That was not the end of her difficulties. Juanita was 12 to 13 weeks pregnant, still trying to find a doctor to accept Medicaid as their only form of insurance.

In the second episode of Mothers First, hear from Juanita as she shares her story of the care she received while on Medicaid and the struggle of trying to stay insured.

Dr. Carla Ortique, Healthcare Specialist and Co-Chair of IMH Houston, lends her expertise to share that many maternal morbidities happen after pregnancy when women are no longer able to receive Medicaid.

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