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In order to get your child you need not have to yell, there are better ways through which you can do so, only one thing you need to remember is that you need to maintain patience.

Fill their attention basket – Kids need parents’ uninterrupted attention everyday. When parents want kids to listen then they need to first take a few steps as well as be patient with the process. Things will not change overnight but as you give it more time you will start noticing the change. It’s necessary that both parents should spend quality 1:1 time with their kids, in order to fill their attention basket. So during this time let your child decide how they want to spend time with you, which activity they would like to do during this time. Parents just follow the child’s lead. Follow this consistently everyday and you will see the changes by yourself.

Be Kind and Firm – Whenever you would like to communicate with your child, make eye to eye contact with your child, be kind, respectful but at the same time firm with whatever you want to convey to your child. For example – When your child wants to eat snacks and it’s dinner time then you can let your child know that I understand you want to eat snacks now and it’s time to eat dinner which will help you grow healthy. So let’s eat together. Could you help me? Remember to keep your calm.

Set boundaries – It’s necessary to set boundaries or limits inside and outside the house and it’s necessary that your child is aware of the same. Be consistent with following limits for example you can set the limits on screen time and be consistent with it. Check out my video on how to limit screen time in kids.

How to limit screen time in kids

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