How soon after coming off the pill can you get

Combined contraceptive pills are the hormones which are given to inhibit ovulation so that you can’t conceive while you are on the pills. How soon can you become pregnant once you are off the pill the answer is almost immediately, if you stop the pills and you have your first period the fertility comes back but in some cases it might take two or three months, so it varies from person to person. You can conceive immediately after stopping pills or it may take a little while for you to conceive. From our side we suggest that you can at least wait for a month after stopping the pill so that the body gets time to kind of go back into the rhythm of the hormones because while you were on the pill the body was dependent on the external hormones. But when you stop the pill is the body starts making its own hormones. So as soon as you stop the pill there will be a withdrawal bleeding because of the pills, then you must wait for another month for natural periods to come, then you can start trying.

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