Does Accupressure Reduce Chest Congestion in Kids?

Do Read more details below: Trust me, there can’t be an easier way to clear out chest congestion! I have used this for my son, my family for over 6 years now and it works like magic.

I was introduced to this ancient science of Acupressure through a doctor in Pune. We first met him to treat my mom’s fracture pain that was not going even after 2-3 months of the plaster taken away. Then I used to treat my neck pains, back pains, headaches & fevers and of course any bouts of cold & cough.. You guys should definitely read about it.

If you are truly interested, check out this book by Holly Tse called Sole Guidance. It’s a great book to introduce this ancient science to treat so many different chronic ailments too.

Now coming back to chest congestion
1. Do it on an empty stomach

2. Small babies below 1 year would not have developed these points yet. So try for 12+ months or older and do this gently like a simple massage but slightly higher pressure.

3. The point for chest congestion below the feet can feel a little hard compared to the rest of the feet. And that’s a confirmation that things are blocked & have inflammation

4. You can use 1-2 drops of sesame oil to apply on the feet and then massage

5. Do this in the night for sure at bed time (while they are awake or after they sleep) and you should see a good relief in the morning.

Do read more about it and give it a try for your little ones & your family!

Drop in any questions you have in the comments below. If you have already tried this, it’s even more important to comment so you build the trust for other parents 🙂


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