Best Ways to Relief Stress in New Moms

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Best ways to be a stress free new mom. Being a new mom is a beautiful feeling but it is not an easy task for a woman. It’s a full time job for a new mom to raise her kid and have to devote her complete time and energy in doing so. Many working women have to give up their career for the same. Even though they are happy to enter motherhood they feel low and depressed being at home after pregnancy and are looking for appreciation and support from their spouse.

‘De-stressing Advice for the New Mom’ is the topic for this week’s video episode of MOMSPRESSO. Dr. Rachna Singh; Psychologist and Lifestyle Expert, Artemis Hospital and Director, The Mind n Wellness Clinic talks about the need for appreciating, acknowledging their work and uplifting their spirits. As she puts it rightly, only a happy mother will be able to raise a happy child!

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