ADOPTION and the avoidant adopted child

ADOPTION and the avoidant adopted child. Avoidant attachment and therapeutic parenting/TIPS. Your adoption journey may include therapeutic parenting for your adopted child and understanding attachment styles. Adoption needs an understanding of therapeutic parenting and knowing how an avoidant child functions can help greatly with childhood trauma. Avoidant adopted children are often anxious and avoid wanting help and comfort. I hope my video which belongs to my playlist of bonding and attachment increases your confidence in in adopting children who have different attachment styles. This video will help you along your adoption journey.

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My channel, called Nyree Squires is all about adoption family life, children’s behaviour and trauma related aspects. I am the mum of 5 birth children and 2 adopted sons as well as an early years specialist. I am qualified in early years (BA Hons) and communication disorders (PG Dip) linked with early trauma. I have owned my own chain of 8 children’s day nurseries for 22 years which I sold a few years ago and understand children’s development, family life and the stresses of work life balance. I currently work as a both a birth doula and adoption doula serving families in the southwest of England and you can find me on facebook, instagram and twitter under my name.

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