6 Weird Baby Behaviors That Scare New Parents (And When

It’s common to notice a few strange baby quirks as your little one grows and develops. Many of them appear concerning, which might leave you wondering if there’s something wrong that requires medical attention.

But quite often these little quirks are normal behavior for your baby and nothing to worry about. In this video you’ll learn about some of the most common baby quirks, why your baby does them, and how to tell if you should be concerned or not.

As your baby goes through the normal phases of development, you’ll notice all sorts of changes in their behavior, and it’s normal to question whether you need to be worried or not. Hopefully this video helps clarify some of the things you’ll see and make it a little less stressful for you!

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00:00 – 01:27: Weird Behaviour #1
01:28 – 02:25: Weird Behaviour #2
02:26 – 03:27: Weird Behaviour #3
03:28 – 04:17: Weird Behaviour #4
04:18 – 05:20: Weird Behaviour #5
05:21 – 06:36: Weird Behaviour #6

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