6 Ways to Prevent Morning Sickness

6 Ways to Prevent Morning Sickness | Pregnancy Tips | Morning Sickness Tips by Dr. Nitika Sobti
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Nothing can blast the euphoria of discovering you’re pregnant faster than morning sickness. The morning sickness, the quintessential pregnancy experience, the very onset of GOOD NEWS bells ringing around!!Brings along a lot of changes too. The rejoicing time for a women on finally stepping into motherhood also poses a lot of health challenges, the gush of hormones and many more such things bring about these changes. During the happiness, sores in some not so pleasurable moments where a women feels nauseated and puckish all the time. It is believed that the first trimester brings about some roller coaster moments as the morning sickness is on its peak during this time. So to deal with this Situation, Dr. Nitika Sobti explains some Ways to prevent Morning Sickness.

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