Parenting Styles ( Plus More On Self-Care For Parents) |

In this episode of Live Through Love, Ruben welcomes his wife, Zee, to share a bit about herself, her love story with Ruben, and her parenthood journey.

She goes down memory lane, reflecting on her journey from New York to Los Angeles in 2007 and how she met Ruben in 2016. The two share how they both knew right away that they had met “the one”.

Zee talks about the biggest lessons she has learned so far about being a wife to Ruben and mother to Remmy, as well as her thoughts on the importance of trust in any relationship.

“If you don’t have trust, you don’t have a relationship.” -Zee Rojas

The duo also describes their parenting styles and talks candidly about the role of personal development and self-care in being a parent.

Zee highlights the importance of creating a strong foundation of trust in any relationship, giving new relationships a clean slate, and embracing your independent self in a committed partnership.

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The Live Through Love podcast amplifies the culture of love. Live Through Love is a way of life. Living through love is an active choice. It may be much easier to live in gloom and act from fear, but when you live through love, life is so much more beautiful.
As an artist, Ruben is inspired by people. People who interact with his work and people who are out there sharing their stories and their gifts with the world. There are so many incredible people on this planet and Ruben wants to showcase them and how they live through love. From chefs and athletes to businesspeople, musicians, and artists of all kinds, you can expect to hear only from people who are embodying love every single day. But that’s not all… Ruben wants YOU to make a statement, too.

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As an artist, Ruben Rojas uses the urban landscape as his canvas to bring communities together and inspire positive change. His vibrant murals and public art is displayed in cities worldwide and serves as a reminder of the power of art to promote hope, beauty, and a culture of love.

Ruben has shared his message of Living Through Love on the TEDx stage and has collaborated with businesses including the NFL, BMW, American Express, and Google, helping them to create a more positive workplace and to raise awareness on important issues. Ruben is a tireless advocate for spreading positivity and encouraging people to dream big, live in possibility, feel beautiful and choose love.

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