8 Habits That Will Bright Both Parent’s and Kids’ Lives

Parents always try to do the best for their kids to make them happy and healthy. However, there are some things that parents do every day that can pretty serious psychological damage not only to their kids but to themselves as well. Avoid these everyday habits that seem normal but in fact are very dangerous to give your kid the best upbringing and be a perfect parent.
A study at the University of Mary Washington has shown that this constant rush often has negative outcomes for mental health, including anxiety and depression. So delegate what errands you can to someone else or postpone them till the weekend when you can leave the kids with their grandparents or a baby-sitter.

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Constant rush 0:40
Force-feeding 1:50
Not setting boundaries 2:45
Inducing panic and fear 3:53
Self-criticism 4:57
Comparing your kids to others 6:00
Fear of disapproval 6:55
Neglecting family 7:43

-Hurried panic isn’t just reserved for parents, it also gets passed on to the kids, and nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life no matter what their age.
-Your child won’t ever throw tantrums over healthy food if the whole family gathers at the table and it’s not only the child who’s getting the vitamins.
-If you don’t want your kid bothering you when you have an important call, explain to them, why you’ll no longer react to them during this time so that the sudden change doesn’t confuse them.
-Let your kids mess up a bit and help them understand what they can do to fix what they’ve done and avoid those mistakes next time.
-If you constantly call yourself fat or ugly or stupid or whatever bad names you tend to assign yourself, your child will think that this sort of self-loathing is totally normal and okay.
-Comparing your kid to their siblings, peers, or even themselves in the past suppresses their talents, distances them from you, and lowers their self-esteem.
-Teach your kids to always tell the truth and not to put everyone else before themselves.
-Remember, everything you do sets an example for your kids. This also has to do with how much attention you and your kids pay to each other.

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