6 Tips for Parents

How can parents best help support teachers? As both a teacher AND a parent, I thought about this quite a bit. In this video, I’ll discuss six different ideas for ways that you can support your children’s teachers right now.

00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Thank a teacher
02:19 – Be an Upstander
03:33 – Talk to Admin
04:52 – Gifts? If you really want…
06:39 – Volunteer
08:35 – Substitute!

If you’re looking for advice or help and would like to connect, please go here: bit.ly/ResetEDU

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Reset EDU is my #LAX18 Innovator Project for the Google Certified Innovator program. The mission of Reset EDU is to motivate, empower, and inspire teachers to embrace new ideas for teaching and learning. Tiny shifts and refreshes are sometimes all it takes to RESET your teaching, help find happiness, boost your motivation, and make class a better place for yourself and your students!


Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Is it time for a RESET?

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