Week 4 Raising Self-Aware Teens Series: Creating Safe Space for

It’s imperative that teenagers have a safe space to share what is going on inside of them without harsh reaction or judgement. What are those places? Listen in to hear why it’s important and how to give this to your child.

Andrew Saldino, PhD and Sarah Poet, M.Ed., with a combined experience of over 35 years in education working with teens, raising their own children, and innovating education, are here with a new series for these times: Raising Self-Aware Teens. Series began 2/8/21.

Having been school leaders & creators, desiring to bring forward new versions of what is possible in education and teen health, we look forward to sharing our deep experience and motivating what is to come.

This is for parents of teens and all the complexity and potentiality of that relationship. This is for your children. Let us help you build skills to support your child’s conscious development & self-identity in this modern & complex world.

It’s time to do it differently. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sarah Poet can be found @ www (dot) SarahPoet (dot) com/teens
Andrew Saldino can be found @ www (dot) aspirehighasheville (dot) com/mindfulmentoring

Week 1: The Impact of the Pandemic on Teens
Week 2: Teens, Mindfulness, & Self Identity
Week 3: Teens, Purpose, & Individuation
Week 4: Creating Safe Space for Your Teens to Share
Week 5: Teens, Porn, & Sexuality
Week 6: Celebrating Differences: Looking at Diagnoses Differently
Week 7: Teens & Self Love
Week 8: Honoring the Soul of the Child

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