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Holistic parenting can be challenging as children depend on a well-rounded home environment to thrive in the real world. Join our conversation with Scott Donnell, where he shares valuable insights from his book Value Creation Kid: The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed. Tune in and discover essential tools and strategies to instill value-based discipline at home, empowering your children for a successful journey into competent adulthood!

Key takeaways to listen for:
– How to holistically raise your children with multifaceted values
– Reasons why healthy struggle needs to be cultivated at home
– Ways to teach financial competency and responsibility to young children
– What vital benefits does family communication have on financial literacy
– 2 ways to stimulate effective intrinsic learning in your kids

GravyStack Apex Leadership Co Value Creation Kid by Lee Benson and Scott Donnell | Kindle, Hardcover, and Audiobook

About Scott Donnell:
Scott is the best-selling author of Value Creation Kid, the host of Smart Money Parenting, the #1 parenting podcast on Apple Podcast, and a visionary entrepreneur. He founded GravyStack, the viral banking app and game for kids and teens to learn financial literacy. He also created Apex Leadership Co, the largest school fundraising franchise in America, and Hapbee Technologies, a public biotech company focusing on mental health.

Connect with Scott Donnell:
Podcast: Smart Money Parenting | Apple Podcast and Spotify LinkedIn: Scott Donnell Instagram: @imscottdonnell

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