Teen Whisperer: Tips for Communicating & Parenting Teens

My guest this week is Kirsten Cobabe.

In this episode, Kirsten and I discuss parenting teens. There are so many parts of parenting teens, tweens, and young adults during the developmental phases that can feel tricky to us, as well as for caregivers and kids. Teens are not adults; they’re also not little kids. It can be tough to know when to intervene and support, or when to back off. And some days it can feel like we are wrong no matter what we do. Let’s explore what makes adolescents at this age tick, the ways we might be misunderstanding what’s happening for them even when we have the best intentions, how we can best connect and communicate with them, and lots more tips for parenting teens with Teen Whisperer, Kirsten Cobabe.

Kirsten is a social worker therapist turned coach who supports parents to navigate the waves of adolescence, while learning how to talk with teens by becoming authentically curious and truly present. As an advocate for families for two decades, she helps parents and teens transform their most important relationships from the inside out. She engages families in fostering rapport, cultivating conscious connections, reframing stories and restoring harmony in the home, and believes through raising our consciousness, we can raise the next generation.

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