Raising Children and Pet Birds in the Same Household |

Pet birds can be fantastic for children! Birds can teach children empathy, respect, and responsibility. However, you have to do it carefully.

If you already have a bird and you’re bringing home a new baby, make sure that the presence of the baby is paired with happy things.

If you have small children, I don’t recommend bringing home a big bird. Large birds have large, strong beaks and claws and can cause damage. For young children (early elementary age), a budgie, parakeet, or cockatiel is a great fit. These birds may nibble but don’t really get damage.

For families with older children (middle and high school), caiques can really be a lot of fun. Caiques are known as the clown of the parrot family. The goal is to raise your pet bird and your kids together, always supervising their interactions. The kids can reinforce a positive association and learn responsibility by giving the bird treats and bird food too! Just remember to supervise their interaction and teach your children to be calm and avoid sudden movements or noises around a bird that may not be used to those things.

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