Kristine Hermosa Shares Tips in Raising Her Kids That All

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting. Children have different needs and it takes a parent’s dedication and patience to find the parenting style best for the family.

In this special episode, Kristine Hermosa-Sotto gets candid with Rica Peralejo Bonifacio about the joys and struggles of motherhood. A mom to five children, she reveals how she learned to embrace the role of being a mom and tips on how to raise happy and healthy children.

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Catch the highlights here:

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Kristine and Rica catch-up on family life.
01:28 Kristine says she never imagined having kids.
01:59 Kristine describes what a day in her life looks like.
02:47 Kristine reveals her biggest fears about being a mom.
03:48 Kristine gets real about how motherhood changed her.
05:03 Kristine admits her struggles of parenting kids in different stages.
06:06 Kristine reveals tips on how she meets the unique needs of her kids.
08:36 Kristine shares mommy hacks when kids get sick.
09:32 Kristine’s advice for parents raising multiple children.

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