How to Raise Child as a Single Parent

How to Raise Child as a Single Parent | @ibigwonder | Sapna Agrawal
Parent Big Wonder! Intelligent School focuses on holistic development of Early Learners. ” Creating difference through Parenting & Scientific Techniques, Storytelling & Brain Based Pedagogy. We help in developing Natural Intelligence (NI) in times of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Multiple Intelligences are important for various developmental areas keeping in mind that each child is UNIQUE.
English as a Language is much desired by parents & teachers.
We follow LSRWT ( Listening, Spaking, Reading, Writing & THINKING) activities to help the children learn, adapt & use the language skillfully.
Right vocabulary for various age groups is an important developmental area.
In our videos Dr Sapna Agrawal will be explaining about various Physical Development, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive Development, Language Development, Social & Emotional Development, as well as important milestones for each child. Right syllabus for Preschoolers. How to teach & engage learners at home. This will greatly help parents, teachers for early learners & schools to equip them with the right techniques.

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About Dr Sapna Agrawal
She is an astute academician, dynamic and socially active with qualitative experience of more than 22 years at higher echelon for Knowledge management, Children education, Training and Development, Child Psychology, Science and its spiritual understanding.
Armed forces Background with core competency in leadership skills and high values. Able to Conceptualize & Setup Schools. Right dissemination of Education & Quality can position & help all stakeholders in a school.
She believes that Education reforms & innovative methodology can create wonders.
She has conducted Training sessions & Conference Talks with Principals & Directors, Chairpersons of schools more than 4500 in numbers for Leaders in Education. She has conducted talk sessions with children and connected with more than 30,000 children till now. Her Teachers Training sessions have crossed more than 950 workshops now.
Conducted webinars regularly on NEP, Leadership during & Post Pandemic, Lesson Planning for Virtual Classes, Conducting effective Virtual Classes with Learning Outcomes, Changed roles & responsibility on Virtual Learning Platforms.

She has been talking on Topics including Right Parenting, Child psychology and behaviour, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Problem solving, Decision Making, Positive Mental Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Lateral Thinking, Role of Pedagogue, Needs of 21st Century classrooms &teachers. Understanding needs of a learner.
What role Education plays in Nation Building?
Why Patriotism?
Do exams have any role in individual’s life?
Importance of Self Evaluation in learning Process
Resource on Open source and using it to learn Pros & Cons
She is a powerful motivator, having won the Zone & National Awards of Most Outstanding Speaker in Junior Chamber International India. She uses innovative training techniques & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock the ideas and invoking participants own ability to solve their problems and relate real life situations. She contributes articles in TOI supplements. She has been invited in countries like Oman (Muscut), UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Srilanka & Nepal to deliver academic trainings. Presented paper & speaker at IIT Delhi, Eduecxellence 6th International conference.
Presented paper at NCERT, Ajmer. “Experiencing Science Can Create Happiness in Classrooms.”
She creates real life short stories for Children upto 12 years of age.

In a Nutshell
Academic Evangelist, Pedagogue, Co-Director EDGE Academy Kota, Designs Curriculum, Speaker, Conducts Training Sessions for School Leaders. GOYA Kahani is her latest venture… a Story Teller to Create Experience. i Big Wonder Intelligent School…. is now ready to be relaunched after a pause button of 6 years. Thanks for the 8,0,00,00 views even when I was on a pause, as i did not have much funds to support my concept.

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