Gentle Parenting: Raising Children with Empathy and Respect

While gentle and traditional parenting may share a common goal of raising confident, independent, and happy children, the journey there can look very different. Gentle parenting is a parenting style that is based on empathy, respect, and understanding. It is a stark contrast to the reward-and-punishment approach often seen in traditional parenting. Parents who practice gentle parenting focus on connecting with their children emotionally and helping them to understand their own emotions. They also set clear boundaries and expectations, and they use positive reinforcement and natural consequences to guide their children’s behavior. In this parenting video Malayalam, Dr. Mary Matilda offers insights and helpful tips to enhance your understanding of gentle parenting. Stay tuned to navigate the intricacies of this empathetic approach to raising children.
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Dr. Mary Matilda is the former Principal of Maharajas College Ernakulam. She is a well known motivational speaker, corporate trainer & life skills/soft skills coach. She has Master’s degrees in Mathematics (MSc & M.Phil), Education (M.Ed), Business Administration and Management (MBA), Women Studies (MWS), Applied Psychology (M.Sc), and Ph.D. in women’s studies. She is also a Graduate in Law (LLB)
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