12 Tips For Raising An Only Child

While having an only child gives you a mature, diligent, and conscientious little perfectionist,it also comes with some tough parenting moments. Here are our top tips for raising an only child.

Part 1:Teaching Social Skills

#1. Encourage Interaction with Others

#2. Lead By Example

#3. Encourage Laughter

Part 2:Fostering Independence

#4. Share Some Responsibility

#5. Resist the Urge to Interfere

#6. Set Clear Boundaries

Part 3:Setting Expectations for an Only Child

#7. Be Realistic

#8. Don’t Ask for Perfection

#9. Don’t Make a “Mini Me”

Part 4:Spoiling an Only Child

#10. Keep Gifts in Check

#11. Don’t Overindulge Your Only Child

#12. Don’t Strive for Constant Happiness

In fact, many parents of only children say that their relationship with their child is like a wonderful friendship. Best of all, they say, it’s a great friendship that lasts a lifetime!

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