Positive pregnancy test with baking soda

Positive pregnancy test with baking soda – Pregnancy Tips

This test should be performed with the urine that is collected first thing in the morning. This is because if the urine is collected on empty stomach, the pH level will be lower making the test more reliable. Also,for more accurate results, use baking soda from a fresh box than the one already opened and kept in the refrigerator.
Here are the steps for taking baking soda pregnancy test:

Take a small, clean container and collect the morning urine
Add one teaspoon of baking soda to the urine in the container. Wait for a couple of minutes for the reaction
If the baking soda fizzes up like a soda pop, then the test result is positive and the chances of pregnancy are high. If the soda does not react with the urine and settles down precipitates, that means the result is negative

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