Parents Who Fear Teen Son Is A Pedophile Seek Guidance

Robbie is 15 and says that he has sexual urges toward children as young as 5 years old. The teen, who acknowledges having molested two victims has spent the past year living at a mental health facility. Weeks away from being released from treatment, Robbie admits to his stepmother, Kristin, that he feels he is still a danger to others.

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“I feel like I’ve gotten no better and that if I do get out, there’s more of a chance I have of doing it again,” he tells Kristin in the video above.

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Kristin and Rick, Robbie’s father, have five other children and say Robbie can’t come home. They’ve come to Dr. Phil to ask for guidance in deciding what to do about their son’s future. Can Dr. Phil help them figure it out?

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