5 Tips for Genius Baby While Pregnant

– Thyroid – Make sure your thyroid levels are in range!


Watch this documentary: goo.gl/dDqAFY

– Read “Brain Rules For Baby” by Dr. John Medina http://www.brainrules.net/brain-rules-for-baby
Here is a pdf summary: http://www.brainrules.net/pdf/brain-rules-for-baby-practical-tips.pdf

– Nuryl, an app by Rick Beato. It’s basically a playlist of “high information” music you should play to your baby three hours a day from the fifth month of pregnancy, when they start hearing.

Supercharge Your Baby’s Learning with Nuryl!

– Speak & sing in foreign languages. If you are not fluent in other languages, you can try to memorize the lyrics of a song and practice it with a recording to make sure you get your pronunciation correct.

– Learn baby sign language. This will allow your baby to communicate with you earlier than they can talk. Babies can use sign language and communicate with their parents as early as 6 months!
Absolute best youtube playlist on the topic: goo.gl/bGywA5

– Of course getting daily exercise and getting the right nutrients, (I eat at least one serving of salmon a week).

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