MY ADULT CHILD SAYS I WAS A BAD PARENT (HOW TO RESPOND WHEN YOUR CHILD ACCUSES YOU)// Raising a child is not an exact science—there is no manual for this thing! And it’s frustrating because you’re nervous and you don’t know what you’re doing. Then fast-forward, they’re growing up, and they come back and tell you that everything you did was wrong. It’s hard to not taking this personally! You might feel like a scapegoat, and perhaps you’re estranged from your adult child because they blame your bad parenting for their problems. In this video, I share how to best respond to them, and to hopefully resolve these issues.
0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Does my child actually blame me for everything?
2:16 – Am I a bad parent?/My child is telling me I’m a bad parent
2:51 – Replace self-blame or external blame with self-compassion
4:36 – Call a truce – it starts with you

You are not alone on this journey. Even when you feel most lost, there’s always a way to find hope again.

Faith over fear, my friends.
As always, Sally Harris—Moms of Defiant Adult Kids Expert

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