5 Tips You Must Know for Parenting Teenage girls @SamaipomSindhipom

5 Tips for You Must Know for Parenting Teenage girls @Samaipom Sindhipom

Parenting Teenagers is a skill that we need to develop by regular practice. Teenage Girls go through a lot of stress and anxiety compared to boys of the same age, so handling them takes much more effort and patience. Teaching teenage kids has taught me so much about their psychology and I have had the privilege of counselling teenage kids on personal issues as well. In this 5 Tips for You Must Know for Parenting Teenage girls @Samaipom Sindhipom video I have shared a few tips to understand teenage girls’ psychology and parenting them. Please do watch the video fully before you comment. Do share your questions and suggestions in the comments section. I would be happy to learn more from your experience.

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