Raising Happy Healthy Successful Kids (Conscious Parenting Tips)

Conscious Parenting Tips and Raising Happy Healthy Successful Kids

Like the saying goes… The children are our future!

In this week’s episode, we share Conscious Parenting Tips on How to Raise Happy Healthy Successful kids. We want what’s best for our children and to help them become the best version of themselves they can be. So they can live their purpose in life and be happy healthy and wealthy in life!

Over the 20+ years, we have traveled the world seeking answers, tools and strategies from the top experts both western and eastern teachings to help us and our own family to become happy healthy wealthy, and successful in our own lives as well as for our children.

These are all things I wish we knew before we were parents to our own 3 kids. We didn’t have anyone to teach us many of these modern day parenting and to help us avoid many of the common parenting mistakes most fall into. That’s why we decided to make this video for you to help guide you and share what has worked for us and many of our very own students we have helped over the years.

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Resources Mentioned:
Siri Shakti’s Pregnancy Book: https://rockstarinlife.com/pregnancy-book
HomeSchool Episode: https://youtu.be/jUB2Jb5W2fY
Success Tips Ep: https://youtu.be/xNLibjf4U8M
The Torgue M4 Tank: https://rockstarinlife.com/tank-m4
The Torgue M1 Tank (cheaper): https://rockstarinlife.com/tank-m1
(Note: They didn’t have the M1 version when I bought the M4)

This includes everything from empowering children, mindful parenting, becoming an awakened family. This is great for first time mom advice or how to become a great parent. They are things I wish I knew before becoming a mom to conscious parenting. This is great new father advice, positive discipline, parenting wisdom, modern parenting, praising children, raising successful children, how to talk to your kids, raising happy kids, things i wish i knew before becoming a parent, parenting styles, how to raise successful children, how to become a better parent, which can help you avoiding family therapy, all of this is in this parenting workshop.

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Be a RockStar In Your Life,
And Make The World Your Stage!

Dr. Dan, Siri Shakti & Tony

[Time Stamps]
00:00 – Start
00:22 – Intro
00:33 – Tony Slacking?
00:57 – Special Surprise Guest
01:19 – The RockStar Family
01:44 – Our Experiment Raising Our Kids
03:09 – What Does Raising Conscious Kids Mean?
04:44 – Kids Raise Responsible Parents?
05:01 – Kids Make You More Successful!
06:48 – Parents Need Yoga & Meditation
08:10 – Why We HomeSchool Our Kids
10:57 – Social Skills with HomeSchooling
13:15 – What If You Just Cant HomeSchool Right Now?
15:07 – Do All of This Whether You HomeSchool or Public School
15:34 – How Tribes Would Get kids Ready For The World vs Kids Today
16:31 – Siri Shaktis Pregnancy Book
17:55 – Important Thing To Understand with Your Kids Brain
18:06 – Why Kids MUST Be Selfish
23:32 – Example How We Used This with Our Kids Last Night
27:46 – Lead By Example
28:15 – Old Parenting Advice Sucked
29:29 – Is It Too Late To Fix It?
30:38 – How We Warn Our Kids – Dont Poke The Bear!
31:06 – Be Real and Dont Play Make Believe
35:24 – How Much Should You Share?
38:32 – Be a Parent and a Friend
40:06 – Put on the Blinders – Focus
41:43 – Hows Your Kids Social Diet?
44:19 – Treat Kids Like Litle Adults – Value
48:14 – She Has 2 Sets of Ears?
49:21 – Nurture Their Gift Watch Them Grow!
51:45 – Help Them Find Their Own Purpose
54:10 – Our Son Is Building a World in Roblox
55:13 – But What If They Changing What They Wanna Do?
55:30 – If Dr Dan Listened To Others He Would Not Be Successful Today
55:47 – Why You Need Failures To Succeed
56:15 – Dont Make Life Harder For Your Kids
57:39 – Just Because You Dont Understand or Agree with Their Dreams Dont Make Them Wrong
59:33 – Q: Should I use The Electronic Babysitter?
01:00:01 – Should Kids Be Using iPads, iPhones, Computers etc?
01:08:24 – How We Use Electronics To Bring Us Closer To Our Kids
01:09:36 – Q: How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy & Exercise?
01:10:19 – Lead By Example!
01:10:31 – Make Exercise Fun For Them
01:11:09 – Family Hikes & Family Walks
01:11:18 – Build a Family HomeGym or Take Family To The Gym
01:12:18 – The Torque Tank
01:12:42 – Workout Exercise In Front of Them Like Hercules
01:13:30 – But What If It All Doesnt Work For Me?
01:13:53 – Be Like Dory!
01:15:07 – Todays RockStar Mission


Print out Your RockStar Mission: https://rockstarinlife.com/37

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